Home Performance Radio

Home Performance Radio is on AM 1450 and AM 1510 in simultaneous broadcast throughout Southern California 4-5PM every Saturday. Call in your questions to 760-212-4392
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Your Home's Energy Use

Non Profit Organizations that operate residential homes and commercial properties demand quality energy improvements and San Diego based Phoenix Energy and Construction's goal is to fill these needs. Non Profits realize that utility cost savings to operate their facilities saves money each month and improves their bottom line.
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The Sum is Greater Than Its Parts

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We exceed the unprecedented demand for quality residential energy improvements.

Our focus is to optimize efficiency of the whole house where all systems work together and complement each other.

This means saving money on electric, gas and water bills.  It means making your home more comfortable, healthy and safe while increasing its property value.

We are based in Vista, CA and use advanced technologies to perform an energy audit of your home which combines building science with the raw data that we measure.

Once inspected and tested, a customized report is created that highlights problem areas, prioritizes improvements and itemizes their costs.

Energy Savers Pie Chart of Energy Usage